Schedule of Events

7:00     Event Set-Up

7:30    Open for Vendor Set-Up

8:45    Vendors Open

9:00     Event Opens/ Event Blessing

           Vendors Open

           Tug of War registration begins (3 hours)

10:00     Workshop 1: What is Paganism?

            Childrens Area Open (Please do not leave children unattended in the area...all kids MUST be accompanied by a parent)

                       **** Craft Project: Design and Paint your own fairy or bird house! (cost: $5.00 per to all ages!!!!)

           Teen Area: Scavenger Hunt Begins (Ongoing)

10:30    Community Drum Circle (Feel free to join in...bring your drum and music makers)

11:00    Childrens Area Craft: Make a Cross: Celtic or Christian

            Workshop 2: Create your own wrapped jewelry (cost: $7.00 per person)

11:30    First Raffle Draw

12:00    First Heat of Family Tug of War

12:30    Workshop 3: Heart Matters: Hari Prem Kaur Andrew

1:00      Teen Scavenger Hunt Ends (Winner will recieve a $10.00 Wal-Mart Gift Card)

            Second Heat of Family Tug of War

2:00     Workshop 4: Animal Spirit Guides: Walks with Horses 

3:00     Final Heat of Family Tug of War

3:30     Workshop 5: Pagan Sabbats and Christian Commonalities: Shirley Seiter

           Second Raffle Draw

 4:30  Community Drum Circle (bring your drums and music makers and join in!)

5:00     Vendors Close

6:00    Event Closes