The Unity Project was formed to educate the communities about Paganism and who Pagans are. We do not look to convert, only to educate. We sponsor a newly formed annual event called UNITY Day. We educate through open gatherings, lectures, workshops and events. We encourage the communities to unite under spirituality without the religious titles or groups dividing everyone. Join us as we unite!

 Katarans Light was formed in 2003 and is a teaching/learning coven. We work to educate the local communities about Paganism to help ensure a peaceful co-existance. We follow a strict ethical outline as we strive to unite the various religious communities. KL follows the Ruthven Tradition (an eclectic celtic spiritual path with an emphasis on Scottish practices and Root Working). KL does not discriminate for race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or any other reason! Blessed Be~

We work towards peaceful Pagan awareness through education, lectures and events.

UNITY DAY 2011 : Saturday April30, 2011

Our first Annual Unity Day was held on Saturday April 30, 2011 in Anderson. We hade awesome weather and an even more awesome time! We were able to meet and talk with the community and we feel that we have begun building a bridge between the Pagan communties of the Upstate with the Non Pagan communities. While we will not change every ones mind on Paganism, we will continue to hold this annual event to spread our message! Understanding is the first step to acceptance!!

We would like to thank everyone that came out in support, the passers-by who stopped to look around, the church for hosting the event, the vendors and entertainers for thier involvement and most importantly the students of Katarans Light! They helped make this day possible with their determination and hard work~

May God and Goddess continue to bless us all and coontinue to guide us on our paths as we work towards a coexistance and understanding. May no one feel alone on their spiritual path.

So Mote It Be!

 The Unity Project:

Tammy Trotter-Bazzle

                    "Lady Rowan of Ruthven"

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